Surveys on students:INVALSI national and international tests

VI Seminar "INVALSI data: a tool for teaching and scientific research"


Patrizia Falzetti (ed)


INVALSI, as a part of the National System of Evaluation of the Education and Training System (SNV), conducts periodic and systematic tests on students’ knowledge and skills. Albeit with some modifications over time, these standardised tests have been objectively measuring for about 20 years students’ achieving and learning in some main skills in Italian, Mathematics and English domains.
In addition to conducting the National Survey, INVALSI coordinates and ensures the participation of Italy in certain main international surveys in education promoted by OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) and IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) which, both of them, carry out specific tests on some students’ literacies and skills.
At the end of each survey, INVALSI makes useful databases available for studying and analysing the Italian education system - with an international comparison as well - and, on the occasion of the VI Seminar “INVALSI data: a tool for teaching and scientific research” (Rome, from 25th to 28th November 2021), the potential of their use became evident. This volume collects some papers presented there.
The book is therefore full of insights on the possible uses of national and international surveys. We hope that from it reading, researchers, teachers and all stakeholders could find further stimuli to better investigate the Italian education system thanks to INVALSI data and beyond.


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Patrizia Falzetti

Technologist Director, she is the Head of the INVALSI Area of the Evaluation Research, of the SISTAN Statistical Office and of the INVALSI Statistical Service which manages data acquisition, analysis and return about both national and international surveys on learning (OECD and IEA). She coordinates and manages the process about returning data and statistical analysis to every school and to the Ministry of Education and Merit.


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