Design International - Peer reviewed

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Direction: Silvia Piardi

Scientific Board: Alessandro Biamonti, Ezio Manzini, Carlo Martino, Francesca Tosi, Mario Piazza, Promil Pande

Over the last few years the international design research network has become an important reality, which has facilitated the sharing of ideas and opinions, improved understanding of the subject and increased awareness of the potential of design in various socio-geographical contexts.

The current expansion of the educational network allows teachers, students, researchers and professionals to meet, both online and in person.

It would seem therefore that the time is now right to propose a new series of books on design, contributing the construction of the international design community, helping authors bring their work onto the world scene.

The Design International series is thus born as a cultural setting for the sharing of ideas and experiences from the different fields of design, a place in which you can discover the wealth and variety of design research, where different hypotheses and different answers present themselves, in an attempt to draw up a map of Italian design, though in a continuous comparison with the world scene.

Different areas of design will be investigated, such as for example: fashion, interior design, graphic design, communication design, product and industrial design, service and social innovation design, interaction design and emotional design.

Books published in this series are selected by the Scientific Board and submitted to two referees for peer-review.

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Invisible Architecture. The experience of place through smell

Anna Barbara, Anthony Perliss (Author)
dicembre 20, 2023

Design Dynamics. Navigating the new Complex Landscape of Omnichannel Fashion Retail

Valeria M. Iannilli (ed), Alessandra Spagnoli (ed)
dicembre 15, 2023

Design Tools. A reflection towards the definition of a taxonomy

Carmen Bruno, Silvia Maria Gramegna, Francesca Mattioli, Vanessa Monna, Martina Rossi (Author)
luglio 21, 2022
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