Accounting & Business Studies

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The Series publishes research concerning two wide and interwoven fields: Theories of Firm and Organizations, Company Strategy, Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility; Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Social Reporting, Company Valuation, Internal and External Auditing, Financial Statement Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Security Valuation, Accounting History, Corporate Disclosure and Communication to Financial Market.
The Series is open to contributions based on: different methodologies and methods; theoretical, empirical or experimental research; positive, interpretive, and critical approaches. Nevertheless, only rigorous, original, contributive and clear pieces of research that will make a contribution to the above mentioned fields of study will be published. Purely normative or descriptive works will not be accepted as well as inappropriate subject matter.
The Editor in Chief, the Co-Editors and the Editorial Board will insure that the Editorial Policy will be respected. They make a first appraisal of the publication proposals, considering their coherence with the aims and scope of the Series. The Editor in Chief and the Co-Editors, assisted by the Editorial Board, choose the reviewers, and guarantee a transparent and correct application of a double blind review process.
The members of the Scientific Committee, and other valuable scholars, contribute as reviewers, on the basis of their specific competency. Each member of the Scientific Committee can also select and address publication proposals to the Editor. In this case, the member cannot be involved in the reviewing process. Our Series also hosts collected volumes. In this case, if the volume has a responsible editor and contains many chapters concerning different topics, a single blind review process is applied. 

This Series is supervised by AIDEA                 
Collana accreditata AIDEA                                        


Editor in Chief
Francesco Giunta (Florence University)

Luciano Marchi (Pisa University)
Lucio Potito (Federico II Naples University)

Editorial Board
Marco Allegrini (Pisa University)
Alessandro Lai (Verona University)
Roberto Maglio (Federico II Naples University)
Michele Pisani (L’Aquila University)
Ugo Sostero (Venice University)

Italian Scientific Committee
Paolo Andrei (Parma University)
Luca Anselmi (Pisa University)
Elio Borgonovi (Bocconi Milan University)
Fabrizio Cerbioni (Padua University)
Lino Cinquini (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa)
Paolo Collini (Trento University)
Stefano Coronella (Parthenope Naples University)
Luciano D’Amico (Teramo University)
Vittorio Dell’Atti (Bari University)
Antonio Del Pozzo (Messina University)
Enrico Laghi (La Sapienza Rome University)
Giovanni Liberatore (Florence University)
Riccardo Macchioni (Federico II Naples University)
Stefano Marasca (Marche University)
Antonio Matacena (Bologna University)
Pietro Mazzola (IULM Milan University)
Luciano Olivotto (Venice University)
Antonella Paolini (Macerata University)
Giuseppe Paolone (Pescara University)
Angelo Riccaboni (Siena University)
Stefano Pozzoli (Parthenope Naples University)
Alberto Quagli (Genoa University)
Paolo Tartaglia Polcini (Salerno University)
Claudio Teodori (Brescia University)
Riccardo Viganò (Federico II Naples University)
Stefano Zambon (Ferrara University)

International Scientific Committee
David Alexander (The Birmingham Business School, UK)
Bruce Behn (University of Tennessee, Usa)
Garry Carnegie (RMIT University, Australia)
Pablo Fernandez (IESE Business School, University of Navarra)
Günther Gebhardt (Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main)
Richard Slack (Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK)
Maria Shtefan (Higher School of Economics, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)