The Audience, Professions and Places of Culture

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Series curated by Francesco De Biase, Aldo Garbarini, Loredana Perissinotto, Orlando Saggion

The interplay between professions, audience and places where cultural events and products take place and are "consumed" appears to become more and more significant as we try and analyze the state and evolution of cultural supply/demand dynamics in depth. The aim is to define the forms and ways in which to plan and schedule initiatives and events, and, more generally, to develop public and private cultural policies.
Analyzing these relationships can surely help us understand the dynamics that exist today at the cultural production level (from live performance to cultural heritage, from television to the role of the web, from the structure of cultural funding to the reorganization of spaces), but also help us hypothesize the possible future development trends.
The places, audience and professions of culture are, in fact, constantly changing: political, social and economic phenomena and events sometimes affect all three spheres, sometimes only one of them.
Suffice it to think, for example, of the birth and development of certain professional figures, originating from ongoing transformations in certain socio-economic fields, who have developed new methodologies, spaces and work tools that are in turn creating, and responding to, new ways of enjoying and consuming culture.
Everything takes place in a context of interaction, where every single element can both give birth to new situations, and be the effect/result of the changes taking place.
In this sense, the series is intended as a tool for reflection on the processes and changes that are taking place in the cultural world. It is not a sector-specific, specialized series centered on individual features; it is rather based on themes and insights that can represent the connections and problems mentioned above.
In essence, these in-depth studies can foster the development of a multidisciplinary methodological vision and, once woven together by the "red thread" that connects them within the series, provide an overall picture of the processes, methodologies and perspectives of the sector.

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Caravan Next. A Social Community Theatre Project. Methodology, Evaluation and Analysis

Social Community Theatre Centre - University of Turin (Volume editor)
aprile 29, 2019