Concerto AL Piano. Sustainable Urban Trasformations


Roberto Pagani; Corrado Carbonaro; Lorenzo Savio; Chiel Boonstra; Eduardo de Oliveira Fernandes


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Concerto AL Piano, in Alessandria at the NW of Italy, is one of the 58 integrated energy demonstration sites promoted by the European Commission within the 6th and 7th Framework Programme.
Concerto AL Piano is aimed at demonstrating the economic and social benefits in investing in energy saving and renewable energy in urban regeneration. The project includes a mix of interventions: the renovation of existing social housing, the construction of new eco-buildings and the provision of a cogeneration district heating, integrated in the urban environment.


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Author Biographies

Roberto Pagani

Roberto Pagani is full professor of Architecture Technology at Politecnico di Torino. Scientific director and coordinator of a many demonstration projects promoted by the European Commission. Since 2003 he has intense collaborations in China, where he is Academic Advisor of Jiangsu Province; Professor all'Harbin Institute of Technology and the Luoyang Normal University; European co-Director of EC2 EU-China Clean Energy Centre in Beijing (2012-15).

Corrado Carbonaro

Architect, expert on energy and environmental sustainability. Born in Turin, Master of Science in Architecture degree from the Faculty of the Politecnico di Torino, since 2009 Architecture is the technical manager of the " Innovative Technology Systems Laboratory " of the Department of Architecture and Design, focused on technological and environmental design and assessments of building components and innovative technologies for architecture, also based on Life Cycle Assessment method and tools. He has participated in European research projects focused on environmental and energy sustainability at the neighborhood and building scale (AL Piano Concerto, the integrated urban village of Alessandria) and national projects of which he was the coordinator or scientific manager (SI2- Systems Innovative Insulation, and Block-Plaster - the self-supporting housing system at high energy and environmental performance). He also are involved in the teaching activities of the degree in Architecture at Politecnico of Turin, in the discipline of Architectural Technology and ecodesign of architectural components.

Lorenzo Savio

Lorenzo Savio is an architect, PhD in Technological Innovation for Built Environment and research fellow at the Department of Architecture and Design of Politecnico di Torino. Since 2008 he has collaborated to research activities in the field of energy retrofit at building and district scale, urban energy planning, integration of renewable energy sources systems in buildings and innovative natural materials for eco-buildings. Other specific research topics are the conservation of the rural architectural heritage and the design of intelligent street furniture. In addition to the research activity, he support the teaching activities of the degree in Architecture at Politecnico of Turin, in the discipline of Architectural Technology.

Chiel Boonstra

The career of Chiel Boonstra combines architecture and energy in an innovative way. He obtained his degree in Architecture at Delft University and his career developed into becoming an expert in the field of low energy building and the application of passive solar techniques and integrated energy systems. He worked on a variety of innovative projects in the field of city planning, new buildings and renovation projects in The Netherlands and United Kingdom, often within the framework of international R&D. Chiel Boonstra has given an impressive amount of lectures and presentations on national and international forums and is the author of 3 books in the field of solar and sustainable building.

Eduardo de Oliveira Fernandes

Eduardo de Oliveira Fernandes (1943) is actually Professor Emeritus of the University of Porto. Mechanical (Thermal) Engineer (University of Porto) (1967); PhD in (Thermal) Sciences Techniques, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, (1970-1973). Professor University of Lourenço Marques (Maputo, Mozambique) (1968-74), University of Aveiro (1974-1980) and University of Porto (Portugal) (1975-2013). Secretary of State of Portuguese Government for Environment (1984-87) and for Energy (2001-2002). R&D Director and Consultant on Energy and Built Environment, he created in 2001 the Law that put Portugal at the highest share of renewable electricity in the current decade in Europe. He was Vice-President executive of PLEA (1988-1992) and President of ISES (International Solar Energy Society) (1995-1997).


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novembre 28, 2016

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