The State of the Art of Employee Communication in Italian Companies. Communication and organizational relations for competitive advantage


CERC - Centre for Employee Relations and Communication
WG_EC - Working Group Employee Communication
Alessandra Mazzei
Luca Quaratino


Released under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) in the series Ricerche di Comunicazione

THE STATE OF THE ART OF EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION IN ITALIAN COMPANIES outlines the practices and trends of employee communication and organizational relations in Italy.
The model measures whether employee communication:
· is strategic;
· is run with a managerial approach;
· activates employees.
The study includes a focus on the digitization of employee communication, internal social media and the use of external social media by employees.
It constitutes a benchmark tool thanks to which each company can map the development status of its employee communication over time and with reference to the Italian situation.

It has been carried out by the Working Group @Centre for Employee Relations and Communication (CERC) 2018-2020 operating at IULM University.


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Author Biographies

CERC - Centre for Employee Relations and Communication

It has the purpose of developing and spreading communication and organizational relations culture. It carries out research, dissemination, training and projects on topics related to employee relations and communication. It is supported by a scientific committee which ensures its connection with the main international centers of excellence in this field. It houses the Working Group Employee Communication.

WG_EC - Working Group Employee Communication

It is dedicated to a two-year special project in partnership with a group of companies. It carries out a research project on an agreed topic. Partner companies and IULM researchers meet 3 times a year for updates on the results of the research project and to delve into topics of interest for the WG_EC. The meetings are topic-focused and run in a peer to peer context.

Alessandra Mazzei

She is Director of the Centre for Employee Relations and Communication at IULM University, where she teaches Brand & Corporate Communication, Internal Communication and Corporate Communication and is also Coordinator of the bachelor programme in Corporate Communication and Public Relations, Deputy Director of the Department of Business, Law, Economics, and Consumer Behavior "Carlo A. Ricciardi", Director of the Master in International Communication and Chair of the Geerts Hofstede Consortium.

Luca Quaratino

He is Assistant Professor of Organization Theory and Behaviours at IULM University, where he teaches Business Organization & Human Resources Management and Critical Issues in Hospitality, and is Director of the Master in Communication & Human Resources. He is a member of the scientific committee and Senior Project Leader of the Centre for Employee Relations and Communication.


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