Extended store. How digitalization effects the retail space design


Anna Barbara
Yuemei Ma


Released under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) in the peer reviewed series Design International.

Extended store has been a work of mapping the phenomena of digitalization that effects spaces and above all the world of retail. Apps allow interaction between users and brands, the book hosts a selection of those which are redesigning spaces, changing their forms, hierarchies, flow systems, arrangement of goods, experiences, and dimensions.
The store takes on completely new dimensions and characteristics, in addition to sales, that of exhibition, performance, entertainment, engagement and sensory immersion. The store is a place tailored to the desires and sensory, psychological, and temporal needs of those who want to encounter the brand.
The extended store will be a shop spread throughout the territory, it will be more connected, more available, more open and at the same time closer, mass customized, but above all it will be more digitalized and able to fulfil and modify itself more quickly and faithfully to needs and desires.
Shops will not disappear in the 21st century, but they will have to change (if they have not already done so) to survive. They will have to evolve by integrating technological solutions that are not only back-end (as they have done so far), but front-end, and therefore available to customers in the shop as in the cases reported in the book.

扩展的商店是一项描绘数字化现象如何影响空间乃至整个零售世界 的工作。应用程序允许用户和品牌之间进行交互,本书精选了一些重 新设计空间、改变形式、层次结构、流程系统、商品安排、体验和维 度的应用程序。应用程序允许用户和品牌之间的互动,但这本书提供 了一些重新设计空间、改变它们的形式、层次、流动系统、商品的安 排、体验和尺寸的选择。
商店呈现出全新的维度和特征,除了销售,还有展示、表演、娱乐、 参与和沉浸式感官。商店是为那些想要接触品牌的人的欲望和感官、心理和时间需求量身定制的地方。
扩展的商店将是一家遍布全境的商店,它将更加互联、更加可用、 更加开放,同时更加紧密、大规模定制,但最重要的是它将更加数字 化,能够更多地实现和修改自己而快速而 实地满足需求和愿望。
商店不会在21世纪消失,但为了生存,他们必须改变(如果他们还没 有这样做的话)。他们将不得不通过集成技术解决方案来演进,这些技 术解决方案不仅是后端(就像他们目前 做的那样),而且是前端的,就 像书中所讲述的案例一样,可以在商店中提供给客户。


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Author Biographies

Anna Barbara

Associate Professor in Interior and Spatial Design at Politecnico di Milano. She has been visiting professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing (China); Kookmin University, Seoul (South Korea); Hosei University, Tokyo (Japan) and many others. She designed professional projects in China, Japan, USA, Europe, UK, and UAE, as founder of Senselab. Selected by ADI-Index 2019, Italian Design Ambassador for Kuwait in 2020, 2021. She exhibited her works at Biennale di Venezia 2010, 2011, 2021; Triennale di Milano 2018. Her books on the relationships between senses, time, spaces, and design are developed in education, conferences, publications and professional works are studied and known in many countries around the world.

Yuemei Ma

Ph.D candidate in Design at Politecnico di Milano. Her research direction is Spatial and Interior Design, her main research activity is focused on interdisciplinary perspective, technological and social impact on time-based and spatial design. In related fields, she has participated in many scientific research and practical projects in China and Europe.


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November 22, 2021

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