Body and meaning

An interdisciplinary approach to the semantics of the Human Body


The Institute for  Higher Studies in Women (ed)
Anita Cadavid (ed)


What is the purpose of having a body? How should we interpret the bodily datum? And further still, is it possible to speak of a grammar of the sexed body?
From a psychological perspective, which is the source of our understanding of sexed corporeity, the authors has asked themselves: How do body and identity relate to each other? What are the consequences of manipulating or defying the limitations of the body? These levels ultimately emphasize the ethical scope that is present: the dignity of the sexed body.
One clear intention has been guiding this work: to explore new avenues, which will help us understand the beauty and dignity of the human body, drawing specific attention to the foundational part of such an intent.


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Author Biographies

The Institute for  Higher Studies in Women

Founded in 2003, intends to advance the role of women, alongside that of men, in any cultural domain, in order to create a line of thought capable of inspiring factual actions in social life.
It ranks among the top centers for systematic and multidisciplinary studies on women, their identities, and spheres of action, and encourages cooperation between women and men in all domains: research, the Church, and the worlds of work and business. The principle guiding the Institute’s reflections and studies is that women and men can be fully understood only in their reciprocity relationship.

Anita Cadavid

She is the director of The Institute for Higher Studies in Women.


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January 27, 2022



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