The school and its protagonists: the teachers

V Seminar "INVALSI data: a tool for teaching and scientific research"


Patrizia Falzetti (ed)


Teachers are essential in the learning process: at first, they are facilitators, thanks to their emphatic abilities, expert in building successful and fruitful relationships and in creating a context of cooperation, in order to promote a harmonious development of each student and a peaceful learning environment.
This book collects some paper submitted during the V edition of the Seminar “INVALSI data: a tool for teaching and scientific research” and talks about the training of teachers. Papers collected in this book are a limited and non-exhaustive example of the utility of INVALSI data. Year by year, the catalogue of the open-access series “INVALSI PER LA RICERCA” has been greatly enriched as a further confirmation of a worthwhile mutual dialogue between academics and school actors. As Statistical Service we hope this partnership could last and may generate many other research works.


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Patrizia Falzetti

Technologist Director, she is the Head of the INVALSI Area of the Evaluation Research, of the SISTAN Statistical Office and of the INVALSI Statistical Service which manages data acquisition, analysis and return about both national and international surveys on learning (OECD and IEA). She coordinates and manages the process about returning data and statistical analysis to every school and to the Ministry of Education and Merit.


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febbraio 23, 2023

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